Here we have collected scientific conferences and other events that are relevant for brain tumor researchers and clinicians working with brain tumors. You can inform us about other relevant events by contacting us (fibtra.info(at)gmail.com).

This year we are organising the next in person symposium in Kuopio, Finland Aug 31st- Sep 1st, 2023 Join us for this gathering and the great line-up of presenters (link below), surrounded by the beautiful landscapes in Eastern Finland:

Prof. Karin Forsberg, Uppsala University, Sweden Prof. Maria G. Castro, University of Michigan, USA Dr. Minna Niittykoski, University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Finland Prof. Varun Venkatarami, University Clinic Heidelberg, Germany Dr. Joonas Haapasalo, Tampere University Hospital, Finland Prof. Tambet Teesalu, University of Tartu, Estonia Prof. Petro Julkunen UEF/Kuopio University Hospital, Finland Dr. Filip Ekholm University of Helsinki, Finland The meeting's theme would be on the topics of Brain Tumor Microenvironment and Novel Drug Therapies to Treat Brain Tumors.


Other events and confereces:




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