Abstracts 15.10.2018
Registration: 29.10.2018

Registration fees:
- 124 euros for FiBTRA members
- 149 euros for non-members

Annual FiBTRA membership is 15 euros. If you wish to become a member or update your contact information, fill in the membership application here

Bus transfer is reserved for those attending the meeting as follows:

Tampere – Vanajanlinna – Tampere, 30 euros
Tampere – Vanajanlinna, 15 euros
Vanajanlinna - Tampere, 15 euros
Hämeenlinna railway/bus station – Vanajanlinna, 5 euros
Vanajanlinna – Hämeenlinna railway/bus station, 5 euros

Please, indicate the need for transportation upon registration. The transport is billed together with the registration fee.

The bus will leave on Thu 29.11. at 14.30 from Arvo building (Arvo Ylpön katu 34, Tampere), drive via Tampere-talo (Yliopistonkatu 55, Tampere) upon request, and arrive at Vanajanlinna around 16.00. The bus will pick up passengers from Hämeenlinna railway station and Hämeenlinna bus station around 16:15-16:30 (exact time table will be informed later).

On Fri 30th November, the bus will leave from Vanajanlinna to Hämeenlinna railway station and bus station shortly after the symposium is over, around 17.00. It will leave to Tampere after returning back to Vanajanlinna (shortly after 17:30) and drive via Tampere railway station upon request.

Symposium registration fee includes:
- Get together event
- Symposium dinner
- Lunch and afternoon coffee
- Scientific sessions and symposium booklet

Instructions for participation fees will be sent via email after the registration.


Supported by:

Doctoral Programme in Medicine and Life Sciences (UTA)



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Phone : +358 50 318 5819
Email: fibtra.info[at]gmail.com