Welcome to the 2nd virtual seminar of the Finnish Brain Tumor Research Association! 

 For this new edition we invited international specialists of the brain cancer therapy delivery. Mark your calendars! 

More information and free registration below: 


TUESDAY 23.11.21 (all in Finnish times UTC +3)

16:00 Opening words

16:10 Kullervo Hynynen (University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada) Focused ultrasound-mediated drug delivery to brain

16:50 Laura Donovan (University College London, London, UK) Intrathecal CAR-T therapy for medulloblastoma

17:30 Veronique Préat (University Catholique Louvain, Louvain, Belgium) Injectable nanomedicines and surgical glioma resection model

18:10 Frederic Dargelas (DelSiTech Ltd, Turku, Finland) Biodegradable silica based drug delivery for intracranial diseases

18:25 Free discussion and end of the meeting 

Registration closes on the 21st of November



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